Mike's Brazil Trip - A Photo Diary

Mike's Brazil Trip - A Photo Diary

'In February I visited Santa Lucia Farm located in Southern Minas Gerais, Brazil. The owners have been growing arabica coffee for two decades and cultivate red catuai, yellow catuai and catuai icatu (types of coffee plants). All the harvesting is done manually and selectively. Here's the production process of the coffee cherries being picked, dried, stored, processed, roasted and ready to head across the ocean!'

Coffee Farm 'Fazenda Santa Lucia's' entrance.

Catuai Coffee Plants.

The large leaves protect the cherries from the harsh sun. These are not shade grown but the larger leaves absorb more sun and CO2. The cherries are picked with care by hand, not by machine.

Main Farm and Processing.

All the rain water is harvested by the farm and pumped out to the plantations making the farm very eco-efficient.

Then the cherries are washed and sorted through to remove any debris that might have got caught up with the batch.

In the background you can see some 'drying beds'. The cherries are spread out under the canopies and protected when it rains. After the excess water has been removed, the cherries undergo drying in the sun. After 7 days, the beans are gathered up and stored in wooden bins for 6 months, where they sit and mature, gradually enhancing the flavour.

The Milling Plant. 

This is where the dry cherries are sorted into two machines. The first removes the husk and the second detects micro-defects within the batch. It separates the imperfect beans off and the defect free batch proceeds onto the next part of the process.

Rules and Regulations.

The farm enforces strict controls on the pesticides used and records all details. Pesticides are kept to an absolute minimum to protect the environment.

Crop Maintenance.

A farm worker maintains the crop, making sure the harvest is weed free. This gives the plant the best chance to grow. They do long hours during the harvest but are properly looked after.

Mike with Joel, the Estate Manager in front of a coffee plant.


The workers lodgings are modern and comfortable. Both the plants and the workers are looked after properly!

The Roasting Plant.

Mike being shown round the roasting plant. This is where the beans are stored, then roasted for customers when they want them.

The end result, a lovely cup of fresh coffee.

Mike would like to thank everyone who helped make his trip possible.