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Minimum order is 10 units which will come with a free window sticker to show your support for the campaign

Units are £5 each* with discounts available on larger orders

It’s up to you how much you sell the cups for, we’d recommend £7 a unit. You can then decide how much of your profits you’d like to donate to Wild Oxfordshire.

More colours coming soon...

*Plus VAT

Visit the official campaign page here


Raised so far for Wild Oxfordshire

Help Preserve Oxfordshire's Beautiful Countryside for the Next Generation to Enjoy

Oxfordshire is one of the counties leading the way when it comes to waste management and environmental preservation. ‘Keep it Green for Oxfordshire’ is a campaign that aims to promote the use of reusable coffee cups, to tackle the current wasteful single-use culture and to celebrate and preserve the county’s beautiful countryside.

The mugs are being sold by local coffee company Beanbags Coffee who are donating all profits to Wild Oxfordshire, a charity who act as an umbrella organisation for all the fantastic environmental initiatives that take place in the county.

Helping Oxfordshire's Environmental Projects Flourish

Wild Oxfordshire is a local charity who deliver a co-ordinated and strategic approach to nature conservation in Oxfordshire. 

Current projects include saving our bees and other pollinators and improving the quality of the River Evenlode for people and wildlife.

Please Consider Donating So That Wild Oxfordshire Can Continue Their Great Work