The U-Roast is a brand new machine that will revolutionise the coffee market. Why not offer your customers the freshest cup of coffee possible, by roasting the beans yourself!
  • A New Business Revenue
    Sell freshly roasted coffee beans and create another revenue stream.
  • Fully Automated
    So you can focus on the operations of your business and still have full confidence in the coffee bean product you're producing.
  • Neat and Compact
    Add a visual point of interest without overcrowding your coffee counter top. 
  • Simple and Quick
    Each roast cycle involves just 6 steps and a 20 minute roast time.
  • Convection Roasting
    The beans are roasted gently by hot air to create a more even roast than traditional drum roasting.
For more information on this revolutionary new micro-roaster, phone our sales team who will be happy to help!  

Dimensions: H780 x W600 x D700mm

Hopper Size: 2 kg per batch
Power Consumption: 130 kw
Weight: 45 kg