Synchro T2 3 Group

    The T2 takes the Synchro up a notch. Each redesigned component has purpose and the build materials remain top quality.
    • Sidelights and Downlighter
      Dramatic and striking these lights make a statement.
    • Power Saving Mode
      Ensures low power consumption when machine is not in use.
    • Sprung Loaded Steam Levers
      A quick and easy press and release system for ultimate control of each steam wand.
    • Programmable Pre-infusions
      Allow coffee to develop its flavour naturally and completely saturate every dose.
    • Huge Boiler
      Ensures no delays in drawing hot water. For more demanding sites.
    Features also include an electronic display, two stainless steel steam wands, four ergonomic group handles, a hot water tap and a PID Thermostat. It produces up to around 400 drinks a day.  

    Number of Groups: 3 Group (with High Groups)
    Dimensions: H585 x W976 x D610mm
    Boiler Size: 21 ltr
    Power Consumption: 5.2 kw
    Weight: 85 kg