Elegance 2 Group (with Integral Grinder)

The aptly named Elegance combines ease of use, with modern functionality and features: hot water tap, high volume hopper and 1300rpm motored grinder with 60mm blades.
  • Group Auto Cleaning
    Auto cleaning means the group head and shower always stay clean and ready for the next brew.
  • Built in Tamper
    A built in tamper increases convenience and reduces clutter. Great for smaller venues.
  • Adjustable Dosing Device
    Grinder can dispense a pre chosen amount of coffee into the group handle (from 5 to 12g).
  • Overheat/Lack of Water Indicator
    Alerts the user when there is an issue with the water level or temperature.
  • 2x Stainless Steel Steam Wands
    From basic milk frothing to professional barista latte art, they produce results.
Perfect for venues who are limited on counter space, it produces up to around 200 drinks a day.

Number of Groups: 2 Group (with High Groups)
Dimensions: H670 x W710 x D600mm
Boiler Size: 11.5 ltr
Power Consumption: 3.6kw
Weight: 53.5 kg