Eclipse 2 Group

    This high-performance range of Eclipse espresso machines are ready to be personalised - it’s a machine you’ll truly be proud to show off.
    • Customisable Panels
      Side panels can be customised to suit any need or environment.
    • Soft Pre-infusion Heads
      Allow coffee to develop its flavour naturally and completely saturate every dose.
    • Group Flushing
      Keep each group clean and ready to go between brews with just the push of a button.
    • PID Thermostat
      A sensor provides gentle and stable temperature management accurate to within 1°C.
    • Electronic Display
      For easy monitoring of the water temperature, time and coffee dosage. 
    Features also include two anti-suction steam wands and a hot water tap. It produces up to around 200 drinks a day. 

    Number of Groups: 2 Group (with High Groups)
    Dimensions: H520 x W705 x D585mm
    Boiler Size: 11.5 ltr
    Power Consumption: 3.25 kw
    Weight: 67 kg