Storm Tea - Loose

1 x 1kg loose leaves

Assam Nudwa
Productive and pleasant, a full Assam.

An elegant, floral and naturally sweet infusion.

China Jasmine Green
Jasmine-scented green tea.

Decaffeinated Ceylon Breakfast
Great depth of flavour in a decaf.

English Breakfast
Refreshing and authentic.Fairtrade 

First Flush Darjeeling
Fine, fresh and flowery with a pale infusion.

A Chinese green tea, brisk in flavour.

A tart, cranberry-like flavour.

Lapsang Souchong
Full-bodied, bold with a distinctively smoky flavour.

Lemongrass & Ginger
Zesty and yet beautifully smooth and balanced.

Masala Chai
Aromatic with warming spices.

Peach sweetness and delicate floral jasmine notes.

Orange Pekoe  
Delicate with hints of sweetness and grassy notes on the finish.

Organic Chun Mee Green
Palate cleansing and refreshing. 

Organic Earl Grey  
Flavoured with oil of bergamot, quintessentially English.

Organic Mao Feng 
Savoury and sweet, a refreshing green tea.

Organic Pure Rooibos
Naturally caffeine-free ‘Red Bush’ from South Africa.

Invigorating menthol tea.

Grassy and sweet, a delicate yellowish green liquor.

Smoky Russian Caravan 
Aromatic with a sweet, malty and smoky taste.

Tulsi Herb 
Helps the mind and body de-stress.