CTU Water Filters 


We recommend using a calcium treatment unit (CTU) to protect equipment against scale build-up, which will cause costly repair bills, and to ensure the machine runs correctly at all times.  90% of failures are caused by scale build-up when no water filtration is in use. 

We can supply two different size CTU's:

(Height 380mm x Diameter 170mm) 
  • CTU5 recharge/exchange
  • CTU5 supplied and fitted

CTU 10
(Height 490mm x Diameter 222mm)
  • CTU10 recharge/exchange
  • CTU10 supplied and fitted

We really can’t over emphasise how important it is to fit a water filter and keep it scale free. Problems caused by scale can be very expensive to fix. 

Not having a water filter fitted or recharged when due, will invalidate any machine warranty or maintenance contract!