Machine Servicing 


Hygiene Service

  • Replacement of group showers and seals 
  • Backflush and clean with Puly Caff 
  • Thorough clean with brush
  • Grinder check 

Front End Service
Same as Hygiene Service plus: 
  • Thorough clean of group heads 
  • Strip steam valve and replace pad seals 
  • Replace steam seals 
  • Replace scorch sleeves 

Full Service
Same as Front End Service plus:
  • Removal of espresso machine and loan machine for duration 
  • Complete strip down, remove boiler and all pipe work, acid soak to de-scale
  • Inspection of all parts
  • Reassembly of machine, 3 day bench test and reinstall to site 

Pressure Test
  • Safety valve (if required) 
  • Pressure test certificate 

We also offer:
  • Loan of Service Machines
  • Machine Installation
  • Call-outs

Further information and prices available on request.