Cleaning and Maintenance for your Espresso Machine 


To ensure you get the best from your espresso machine it is recommended that you clean the machine regularly.

Daily Routine

  • Before and after every use, purge the steam arm with steam, and remove the milk residue with a soft cloth.
  • Using a blank filter disc fitted into the filter handle, backflush each group head 2/3 times for about 10 seconds using just ¼ teaspoon of the cleaning powder supplied. Then using the rinsed blank disc backflush a further 2/3 times with water only then run water through the head without the handle in place. It is imperative that the group head is thoroughly rinsed afterwards to prevent blockages. Don’t use the powder until the machine has been used for 2 weeks.
  • Brush out the coffee grounds from inside the group heads using the group head cleaning brush. Take care around the rubber seal, only going around the rim being careful to avoid the shower screens.

Weekly Routine

  • Clean out holes in the steam nozzle with a piece of soft wire, like a paper clip. The nozzle can be unscrewed from the pipe if it is really gunged up. Be careful not to lose the O ring!
  • Soak the metal part of the filter handles and mesh cups for 20 minutes in cleaner solution.

As Recommended

  • Always have your CTU water filter recharged when advised. We will contact you when this is due. Delaying the recharge of your water filter will result in the machine scaling up and an expensive service bill.

6 Monthly 

  • Remove the empty bean hopper, wash and dry thoroughly.
  • Clean out grinder and doser with a brush.
  • Check and adjust if necessary the grinder setting and doser volume. The correct setup should result in it taking between 22-25 seconds for a single espresso.